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About J&A USA Inc., Pedicure Chairs & Salon Furniture Collections

Here at J&A USA Inc. Pedicure Chairs, we have always paid special – some might say obsessive- attention to pedicure chairs, seeing them not merely as furniture, but also as a symbol or reflection of the salon they are in. That is a central premise of J&A, Pedicure Chairs and that is why we make it our mission to manufacture quality pedicure chairs. The J&A pedicure chairs within the collection, particularly Lenox, which is featured in 4 and 5 diamond hotels & resorts as well as countless cruise lines, point to some encouraging trends that keep salons relevant and ahead of the curve: pipe-less and liner friendly jets, Hard Roc durable glass bowls, adjustable foot rests, and full-shiatsu massage mechanisms. We hope the following pages will inspire new renovations and establishments and expand your knowledge of pedicure chairs.



toepia-gx-pedicure spas

Popular Pedicure Chairs Features

TECHNICIAN REMOTE for Pedicure Spa Chair

Re-position clients in pedicure chairs with the built in technician remote.


10 inch adjustable footrest provides comfort for both client and salon professional. 


The interactive remote control, conveniently placed for easy access.  Features a range of massage settings.


Optional: The new J&A ventilation setup removes unwanted fumes and provides a clean and safe work environment (must connect to your ventilation system).

Most Popular J&A Pedicure Chairs

Toepia GX Pedicure Chair
Best Seller
Cleo GX Pedicure Chair
Best Seller
Pacific AX Pedicure Chair
Best Seller
Accessory Liner
Disposable Spa Liner
Best Seller
Nail Table Vacuum
Nail Table Vacuum
Best Seller
Autoclave Fully Automatic
Autoclave Fully Automatic
Best Seller

Salons outfitted with J&A Pedicure Chairs

Tutti Spa & Nail, Copley Place

Boston, MA


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