As we know winter is here and need to start preparing for what lies ahead of them in the coming months.  The winter season is arguably the most challenging time of the year for the freight shipping industry. Frigid temperatures, unstable road conditions, and many other winter hazards often lead to shipment delay nightmares.  However, you don’t have to lose sleep worrying what the next “snowmageddon” might do to your shipments.

Planning ahead.

While almost every business is susceptible to extreme winter weather variances, retailers and e-commerce companies, in particular, are highly vulnerable and therefore must take extra precautions when dealing with the forces of nature. By planning ahead, your business will be able to assess the situation more clearly, thus minimizing the effects of winter’s wrath.

Prepare for delays.

Terrible weather and icy roads aren’t the only challenges that can cause delays. The winter season is also responsible for holiday traffic, high order volumes and seemingly endless service restrictions preventing truckers from driving when you need them the most. Try to stay flexible and plan out your shipping dates as soon as possible with us.

Knowing where you are shipping to.

United States is large land mass, we are located in New York where we can have harsh winter storms.  During winter shipment to Northern States and even going across to West Coast may have shipping delays.  Northern states will have constant snow falls and going across to West Coast, freight company will need to  go over Rocky Mountain with constant snow falls.  Please let customer know that there might be delay due to snow, so have them plan ahead or even receive earlier.

Communication is key.

Winter delays are going to happen, but keeping a constant communication between your company and us can help minimize the effects.  Once you have tracking number, please track the shipment and let us know if you see shipment in same location for more than a day.  We will try to resolve shipping delays much as we can, we are here for you.

Final thoughts.

Winter will soon be nipping at our heels and with it comes a barrage of potentially-brutal challenges. The trucking industry is at a much higher risk during the winter months, so be sure to plan accordingly by adhering to these tips and avoid the effects of old man winter. Don’t get left out in the cold. We are here to help you every step of the way.